The mission of Rocky Mountain Storm Lacrosse Club is to foster a life-long enjoyment for the game of lacrosse for youth boys and girls, residing in the West Metro Denver area.

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Welcome to Rocky Mountain Storm Lacrosse Club!

Rocky Mountain Storm Lacrosse Club is a non-profit volunteer lacrosse organization with a mission to provide affordable lacrosse programs to youth boys and girls of all skill and experience levels living in the northwest suburbs of the Denver Metropolitan area, including Lakewood, Green Mountain, Golden, Wheatridge, and Arvada.

Please sign up to receive emails about our lacrosse programs by clicking the "Join our Email List" link on the left menu bar.  For more information, please check out our website or contact a Storm Volunteer Board Member.


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Storm Lacrosse Hall of Champions
Storm Boys Lacrosse 2019 Champions Colorado Lacrosse Championships...
2019 Storm Dads and Coaches Lacrosse League
2019 Storm Dads and Coaches Lacrosse League 2019...
CYLA Boys Lacrosse Age Eligibility Rules
  UPDATED for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019: The CYLA (Colorado...
Storm Lacrosse Hall of Champions

Storm Boys Lacrosse 2019 Champions

Colorado Lacrosse Championships - May 23-24, 2019:

  • Storm Pacheco - U8/2nd Grade Gold
  • Storm Kellogg - U11/5th Grade Gold
  • Storm Noyes - U12/6th Grade Silver
  • Storm Rodriguez - U13/7th Grade Silver

Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association (CYLA) Championships - June 1-2, 2019:

  • Storm Pacheco - U8/2nd Grade White
  • Storm Rodriguez - U13/7th Grade White A

Rocky Mountain Lacrosse Jamboree - June 8-9, 2019:

  • Storm Noyes - U12/6th Grade White


Storm Girls Lacrosse 2019 Champions

Colorado Girls Lacrosse Association (CGLA) Championships - May 18-19, 2019

  • Storm Saunders - 2028/3rd Grade


Congratulations to all of our 2019 Champions!  GO STORM!

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2019 Storm Dads and Coaches Lacrosse League

2019 Storm Dads and Coaches Lacrosse League

2019 Storm Dad's and Coaches League Schedule and Results  
Tanglewood 24-Jun 1-Jul 8-Jul 15-Jul 22-Jul  
5:30 - 6:30 Terrapins5 v Bulldogs10 Terrapins5 v Nittany Lions11 Nittany Lions4 v Bulldogs4 Cavaliers4 v Nittany Lions6 #3Terrapins v #4Cavaliers  
6:45 - 7:45 Nittany Lions5 v Cavaliers4 Bulldogs7 v Cavaliers5 Terrapins2 v Cavaliers1 Terrapins3 v Bulldogs5 #1Nittany Lions v #1Bull Dogs   
Teams Wins Losses Ties Goals For Goals Against Goal Differential
#1 Nittany Lions 3 0 1 26 17 9
#1 Bull Dogs 3 0 1 26 17 9
#3 Terrapins 1 3 0 15 27 -12
#4 Cavaliers 0 4 0 14 20 -6
Note: Rankings are based on the following criteria by priority: 1) record, 2) head to head play, 3) goal differential.    


Terrapins - Watts: Brian Anzur, Vince DeMaio, David Domagala, Eric Frank, Adrian Hovey, Jeffrey Larkin, Dennis Licata, Greg Linster, Russ Lucken, Greg O'Brien, Brian Ripley, Karl Rodriguez, Andy Rodriguez, Blake Schaefer, Adam Schiche, Andy Schuler, Nathan Shull, Ian Sweeney, Charlie Watts, Jason West

Cavaliers - Noyes: Chip Arnold, Patrick Cromer, Josh Cross, Scott Dorn, Jeff Drake, Marty Esquibel, Mario Ficco, Thomas Firstbrook, Sean Hearne, Bill Johnson, Aaron Kimmelman, Chris Knott, Greg Mueller, Andrew Noyes, Troy Odekirk, Ben Pachello, Brian Pollock, Eric Smith, Frank Venezia, Steven Wheeler

Nittany Lions - Fontenot: Andrew Adams, Dan Ball, Terry Botts, David Carahasen, Greg DelGaudio, Mike Fontenot, Daniel Guenther, Eric Hester, John Hoover, Andy Inman, Michael Junius, Josh Kobal, Scott MacDonald, Sam McLaughlin, Matt O'Connor, Kurt Ohlen, Matt Ortiz, John Schrader, Erik Sharp, Nick Viola

Bull Dogs - Dries: Paul Battaglia, Micheal Bergner, Tom Coco, Joe Coco, Chris Dries, Mike Dries, Nick Duncan, Jeffery Fairbanks, Dan Fesenmeyer, Kurt Goold, Tom Grover, Doug Hufford, John Hutchen, Dan Jacobs, Adam Jerlow, Jamie Otterstetter, Ryan Pratt, Dak Riecke, Demi Riecke, Grant Roehr, Ken White 


Important: This is a recreational men’s lacrosse league created to help Dads and Coaches of youth and high school lacrosse players gain experience playing lacrosse.  The goal is to have participants learn the game by playing it in a fun, safe, and competitive environment.  This is for new and experienced players.  The League is limited to 80 players split among 4 teams.  Players must state their experience and connection to youth or high school lacrosse.  League administrators will select teams to create balanced competition.

Rules:  Again, this is a recreational league for both new and experienced players who are Dads and Coaches of youth and high school lacrosse players.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO BODY CHECKING OR HITTING ALLOWED.  All body checks will result in an immediate 2 minute un-releasable penalty and possible ejection.  All other men's club lacrosse rules apply.

Equipment Required: Legal Stick, Helmet, Arm Pads, Gloves, Mouth Guard, and Cup.  Also recommended are rib pads and shoulder pads.  Goalies must wear throat guard and chest protector.

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CYLA Boys Lacrosse Age Eligibility Rules


UPDATED for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019: The CYLA (Colorado Youth Lacrosse Association) will continue to use June 1st as the cutoff date for boys lacrosse age-based classification.

The CYLA has permanently adopted US Lacrosse guidelines regarding age-based classification.  Therefore, Rocky Mountain Storm Lacrosse Club will group teams on the basis of grade with an age cutoff.

Players in the same grade will be grouped together, provided that they meet the June 1 birth date cutoff for that age group.  All players are required to provide official proof of birth date (birth certificate, passport, adoption papers, etc) before participating in sanctioned CYLA games. 

We will set up teams at U15, U13, U12, U11, U10, U9, U8, and U7 for the 2019 Spring Season.  All current 8th graders are eligible to play, regardless of birthdate.  No high school players are permitted to participate.

A player eligibility for the 2019 Spring Season is determined by his age on May 31, 2018.  

  • For example, any player born on or after June 1, 2005 is eligible to play U13.

  • A player born on or before May 31, 2005 is not eligible to play U13 and must play U15. 

  • In general, we will group players on the basis of "Grade with an Age Cutoff."  This means that players in the same grade will be grouped on teams at the same age level, provided that they meet the June 1st cutoff date.

  • Players who are "young" for their grade will play at their grade level.  For example, a 4th grader who is age-eligible for U9 (ie born after 6/1/2009) will play U10. 

  • On rare occasions, where we need players to fill teams for an age group, we may ask a player, with a late birthday for his grade, to play with the lower age group.





Born on or after

CYLA Grade Equiv

Max Stick Length




















 37-42”, 47-54”




 40-42”, 52-72"




 40-42”, 52-72"




 40-42”, 52-72"

  * All current 8th graders are eligible to play, regardless of birthdate.
  9th graders are not eligible to play.


NOTE: For girls youth lacrosse age group eligibility please visit the Colorado Girls Lacrosse Association at

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